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Krishea Osborne

Krishea and K-9 Jersey
Krishea and K-9 Jersey

Director of Training & Operations for Law Enforcement and Corrections

Krishea retired after 26 years of service with the Athens City Police Department, with 17 of those years as a dual purpose narcotics K-9 handler. During that time as a handler, she and her K-9’s received 15 Meritorious Service Awards, around 100 apprehensions, seized over 7 million dollars in narcotics and assets, and had over 826 arrests. Krishea also spent 7 years as a 37/40mm gunner on the department’s entry & crowd control team.

Krishea has been training working dogs and handlers, which includes her 2nd K-9, for 20 years. She is also an Ohio Peace Officer Training Council canine team evaluator.

In 2001 Krishea approached the Ohio Chiefs of Police Association and introduced the draft for the legislation that became ORC 2921.321 Assaulting or Harassing police dog or horse or service dog and ORC 955.261(D) Police dog exempt from health department quarantine.

Gary Rockefeller

Gary (Rocky) was one of the original K9 units for the Franklin County, Ohio Sheriff’s Office. Throughout his career in the Unit, he handled a total of three dogs. His first, K-9 Hasso, was a Patrol Service K-9, specializing in building searches, tracks, article searches, area searches, obedience and apprehension work.

Gary’s second dog, K-9 Vista, was trained in the basic patrol duties and had a specialty of narcotic detection.  K-9 Vista was trained to find marijuana, cocaine, methamphetamine and heroin.

Gary’s third dog, K-9 Dasty, was dual trained in basic patrol duties with a specialty in explosive detection. Dasty was trained to find the 7 basic odors of explosives. That included RDX, TNT, ammonium nitrate,C-4, black powder, smokeless powder and PETN.