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Gary Rockefeller

Gary (Rocky) was one of the original K9 units for the Franklin County, Ohio Sheriff’s Office. Throughout his career in the Unit, he handled a total of three dogs. His first, K-9 Hasso, was a Patrol Service K-9, specializing in building searches, tracks, article searches, area searches, obedience and apprehension work.

Gary’s second dog, K-9 Vista, was trained in the basic patrol duties and had a specialty of narcotic detection.  K-9 Vista was trained to find marijuana, cocaine, methamphetamine and heroin.

Gary’s third dog, K-9 Dasty, was dual trained in basic patrol duties with a specialty in explosive detection. Dasty was trained to find the 7 basic odors of explosives. That included RDX, TNT, ammonium nitrate,C-4, black powder, smokeless powder and PETN.